Tea Party Poems

November 2, 2011


Tea Party politicians are in the wrong line of work. These are selected poetic works by Sarah Palin and D.H. Rumsfeld, courtesy of Hart Seely from Slate Magazine. Sarah Palin Blue Dog Peekaboo Blue-dog Democrats Peeking under the tent. You know … @@@@and finding out,  WHAT IS THIS MOVEMENT ALL ABOUT? And Holy Geez! I’m […]

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Table for Two

November 2, 2011


Every now and again, surfing through the websites of the NGOworld, I come across one that has both a genuine spirit of goodwill and a unique idea. “Table for Two” is one of my recent picks.  “Table for Two” please, with one chair in the US and another one in Rwanda. This is an organization which […]

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In the Ether of Academia

October 18, 2011


I wanted to punch her in the face. Or do that thing ostriches do and put my head in a hole to drown out her voice. Is there a fire escape? An emergency exit? I desperately needed something to help me get away from the overwhelming sense of doom that the words “work” “job” and “bills” […]

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Questioning Feminism

October 17, 2011


The first time I heard the words “Gender and Women’s Studies” I was browsing the course catalog freshman year of college. Within the psychology department there was this ‘Gender and Women’s Studies’ (or GWS) course, as well as a GWS major. I cringed.  Women going to college to learn about gender disparities had to study them […]

“Why here, why now?” Response to Tariq Ali on Londonriots. LRB blog

August 9, 2011


Why here, why now? « LRB blog. Tariq Ali is right,  politics and years of failed policies are the main causes of the London riots, and tied in with that is economics as well. Disenfranchisement is the reason why the youths feel that they’re taking back what should be theirs or showing the police what […]