Se(x-y) Links

As you may have gathered from my Questioning Feminism post, I’m interested in issues that relate to gender. Why men are men, and why women are women, and why we both do the strange things we think we’re supposed to do. Here’s some stuff which generally relates to the whole questioning gender roles issue.

  • A collection of video clips about the use of Photoshop in the beauty industry:  Fotoshop by Adobé– a fake ad that satirizes beauty product commercials, Dove Evolution–  a time-lapsed clip showing how a model’s image is manipulated in the process of making an billboard ad, The power of Adobe Photoshop (la potenza di Adobe Photoshop)- another time lapsed clip which shows the tricks that go into transforming a plus-sized model into a ‘top model’.
  • CocoRosie’s Lemonade and NY Times article Twisted Sisters about the freak folk duo CocoRosie, their life and their sound.
  • I just remembered this song the other day. Back in the day, I never got how she could pee standing up at the end of the clip :)  The song is based on the novel Sarah by Laura Albert (pseudonym JT LeRoy) about a 12 yr old boy called Cherry Vanilla who passes himself off as a girl to become a prostitute at a truck stop.

  • Susan Schorn’s column Bitchslap. No, it’s not as radical as it sounds. It’s no-nonsense, practical, down-to-earth feminism. A column about a woman, a mother, who also happens to be a black belt karate instructor. Her column is about “everyday combat, from the dojo to the shoe section of Macy’s.”
  • A movement dedicated to ending street harassment through mobile technology. Hollaback! breaks the silence that leads to the perpetuation of sexual violence. Check out their “resources” page to find tips on how you can respond to harassers, Get Involved or visit their links page for books, articles, and other  media on the subject of sexual harassment.
  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  The story of the Price family set during the events leading up to the Congo coup of 1960, and told from the differing perspectives of its four daughters.
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