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They’re making brains in vats…

May 7, 2012


Researchers from Leeds and Tokyo University have found a way to build the components of a bio-computer, capable of transferring information through lipid-based “wires” and bacterial “magnets”: “Magnet-making bacteria may be building biological computers of the future, researchers have said. A team from the UK’s University of Leeds and Japan’s Tokyo University of Agriculture and […]

Review: The Whistleblower

March 15, 2012


Larysa Kondracki’s debut film, The Whistleblower , was recently screened at the UN. I don’t know whether that’s commendable or just extremely ironic. The film is a raw indictment of UN peacekeepers’ involvement in sex trafficking in post-war Bosnia, and the screening could either be an attempt to raise awareness of corruption running deep within the […]

30 things I do before actually starting work on my thesis

February 4, 2012


1. Find a good, comfortable yet not too comfortable place to read. 2. Sit and open laptop. 3. Find that there’s glare where I’m sitting. 4. Adjust the blinds to get rid of the glare on the screen. 5. Sit and open laptop. 6. Realize the laptop’s out of charge. 7. Look for another comfortable […]

Constant Gardeners: the story of the blackbird, the junkie, and his dealer

January 31, 2012


For a couple of weeks now there’s been a blackbird visiting the courtyard outside of my building every day at 6:30pm. Without fail, he’ll be there when I come home from work: scurrying  around the bushes, pecking here and there looking for berries. He’ll scuttle about the courtyard jumping randomly from bush to bush, eating […]

Overheard at a coffee shop– or how come iCloud is cooler than a supervolcano?

January 16, 2012


This morning I sat next to two guys who were discussing iCloud at a coffee shop—  except it wasn’t so much a discussion as a verbal celebration of the brilliantness that is Apple’s innovative technological genius. The one who had just  acquired OS X Lion was explaining to his backward Leopard-using friend the potential of […]