30 things I do before actually starting work on my thesis

Posted on February 4, 2012


1. Find a good, comfortable yet not too comfortable place to read.

2. Sit and open laptop.

3. Find that there’s glare where I’m sitting.

4. Adjust the blinds to get rid of the glare on the screen.

5. Sit and open laptop.

6. Realize the laptop’s out of charge.

7. Look for another comfortable yet not too comfortable place that doesn’t have glare and is close to a plug point.

8. Sit and open laptop, open document.

9. Read first line of document.

10. Think “I haven’t checked email since this morning.”

11. Check school email:  feel sad no one’s written since I checked this morning.

12. Check secondary email account:  delete spam from LinkedIn.

13. Might as well check Facebook while I’m at it,  and someone’s posted a link to a blog I like.

15. Read blog article and then two more recommended at the bottom.

16. An hour later:  think ‘shit I should be working,’ close internet window.

17. Read first line of  document again, glance at the top to see how many pages document is, scroll down to see out of 30 pages how many of those are just notes.

18. Think ‘I might need some coffee to get through 27 pages.’

19. Make coffee.

20. Sit back down, think ‘ Right, good light, email checked, coffee good. Start reading the damn thing.’

21. Read first paragraph and notice the room’s too quiet. Need some background noise.

22. Turn on radio on chill jazz station, adjust volume so it’s not too distracting.

23. Sit down, read last lines of the first paragraph again to refresh memory.

24. Realize jazz station’s kind of shit, need my iTunes.

25. Open iTunes, turn shuffle on.

26. Read 2nd paragraph. Realize iTunes is too distracting.

27. Think ‘I just need to filter out all distracting songs.’

28. Spend half hour making a ‘chill’ playlist.

27. Read 3rd paragraph. Think ‘ShitI’m still on the first page. How many more pages do I have to go?’ Scroll down to the end and count the notes pages again.

28. Right, ok read read. Oh wait… bathroom break.

29. Five minutes later:  right, ok read.

29. Somewhere near the bottom of the first page I drift off and think about all the things that I have to go through to get into a ‘work mood.’

27. Hmmm that might make a good blog article…

28. Go to blog, write 27 list items covering the last 2 hours, think ‘God it’s been 2hrs, I really need to stop typing and post this. Should I make it 30 items? Is a round number better? ’28 things I do before working on my thesis,’ does that sound better than 30? Whatevs, ok post and go read.

29. Ok hit ‘Preview’, correct spelling mistakes, and go read.

30. Oh and bathroom break needed again… what do you know, that makes 30.

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